Medical Bill Management

At EK Health, we have combined our expertise in bill review with technology that brings to our clients and automated process achieving savings unmatched by our peers.  Like every aspect of EK Health, we have applied our 360° Approach to our medical bill management process. 

By evaluating every aspect of the process and searching for ways to demystify traditional bill review, our team has crafted a process workflow and technological systems design that promotes efficiency, captures savings and generates results.  With appreciation for ensuring quality, appropriate medical care while aggressively managing our clients’ costs, we at EK Health are committed to Transforming Managed Care through medical bill management.  We don’t stop with traditional bill review; we manage the entire process.

Services offered include: 
  • Bill Repricing
  • State Reporting
  • Nurse Specialty Review
  • Negotiation Services
  • Network Optimization
  • Professional Services





  • Bill Management vs. Bill Review – our reviewers apply a level of scrutiny that surpasses standard adjudication practices
  • Our leadership experience and expertise
  • Strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards in all states
  • Application of direct contract pricing
  • Strategic network design, customized jurisdictionally
  • True automate between front-end decisions and back-end bill payment
  • Limitless customizable client rules integrated into automated processes
  • Connectivity between bill review module and utilization review module for complete historical account of treatment




"I provided a mini review of the bill review process with my staff after the dial in meeting with our Director of Integrated Disability Management. I received exceptionally positive comments in regard to EK Health's Bill Review Manager from a number of my Examiners. They reported that she was exceptionally responsive in regard to the issues that they asked her to address. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and wanted to let you know."

-Claims Supervisor, a Fortune 500 Company

"I wanted to let you know that our staff thinks very highly of the customer service you provide when responding to their inquiries and requests for assistance. Thank you for your help and support."

-Risk Manager/Claims Manager, a Fortune 500 Company

"I appreciate EK Health's reports. I used to receive reviews from other bill review companies. I have not received a comprehensive and detailed report in addition to the review itself like EK Health's. Great job!"

-Hearing Representative, a Fortune 500 Company

"We really appreciate the response time and insight you have provided to us. We have definitely obtained an improvement in our customer service during our change from the previous vendor."

-WC Claims Manager, a Fortune 500 Company